A religious vocation is a call and a gift from God. Some men are certain they have received this call and gift. Others are not at all sure, but they have a nagging sense deep inside that keeps prompting them either to dismiss the idea entirely or to find out by talking with someone about it, and taking steps to discern what and who God is calling them to be.

When a person is bothered, angry or even repulsed by the idea that God might be calling them to consecrated life, often that is a sign that he might indeed have a vocation. A negative response is usually a defense mechanism to make the inner struggle go away. Others are openly receptive to the gift of a vocation and have an inner certitude that consecrated life is right for them.

Whatever is your experience, you are invited to contact us and we can help you discern if God indeed is calling you to consecrated life as a Franciscan Brother of the Eucharist. Don’t wait. Get started on a path to find out your true vocation!

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