Are you called to be a Brother?

The process of discerning a vocation is different for each person. We can help you in this process. Usually, the steps involve initial communication with the Vocation Director about who you are and what you are seeking; experiences with the Community in projects, prayer and ongoing discernment discussions; formal request for pre-postulancy.

Once a man is received into pre-postulancy, he spends several months living with the Brothers to learn about community life and the mission of the Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of the Eucharist. During this time, he is expected to be engaged in his professional work and be responsible for his expenses.

Postulancy is the man's formal entrance into the life of the Community. As a postulant, he learns about Franciscan spirituality and is helped to integrate his past experiences into this beginning phase of religious life. Postulancy is one year.

Novitiate is a two-year time of formation. The novice receives the habit of the Community and a religious name. The focus of the novitiate is the study and lived experience of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, Franciscan spirituality, life in community, and the teachings of the Church. The novice learns to serve the needs of the community in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare.

Following novitiate, the Brother professes the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. He participates more fully in the mission and apostolate of the community.

A religious vocation is a call and a gift from God. Some men are certain they have received this call and gift. Others are not at all sure, but they have a nagging sense deep inside that keeps prompting them either to dismiss the idea entirely or to find out by talking with someone about it, and taking steps to discern what and who God is calling them to be.

When a man or woman is bothered, angry or even repulsed by the idea that God might be calling them to consecrated life, often that is a sign that he or she might indeed have a vocation. Their negative response is usually a defense mechanism to make their inner struggle go away. Others are openly receptive to the gift of a vocation and have an inner certitude that consecrated life is right for them. Whatever is your experience, you are invited to contact us and we can help you discern if God indeed is calling you to consecrated life as a Franciscan Brother of the Eucharist.

For information, call Brother Rufino Grealy, FBE
or email brothers@fbecommunity.org.

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